Mr. Defty and His Little Helpers

Today, we went to have breakfast at 8:00am. We enjoyed our tea, hot-chocolate and a croissant.

With our tummies full, we went to have a tour around the St. Francis’ basilica which went on for 1 hour, and we learned a lot of things about St.Francis’ like where he was buried and his whole life.

This afternoon we are going on another tour of St. Mary of the Angels. BY AOP


Yesterday we went to an ice-cream parlour to get 2 scoops of ice-cream. There were lots of different flavours to pick from like, mango,  chocolate and vanilla.

Afterwards we sat down next to a water fountain and gulped down our ice-cream until there was nothing left! DELICIOUS! By ML

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  1. Hi MP your sister B wants to send you a message CIAO BELLISIMA!!! but her school website has blocked the Assisi blog
    so has not been able to send so i am doing it for her xxxxxxxx

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