Assisi day 3

Today was a very interesting day, we woke up and got dressed into our grey shirts, we had an amazing breakfast with jam on bread, hot chocolate and cereal.

After half an hour we set off for St Francis basilica. We had a mass there celebrated by father Ivano. After that we had a tour guide called brother Martin and we saw the tomb of St Francis, it was intriguing!! It was the very first time that I had seen St Francis’ story told by looking at frescos (a painting painted on a rock to tell a story).

Now we are in a park and are eating a salami sandwich and a cheese sandwich for lunch. It has been incredibly hot and sunny for the past three days!


5 thoughts on “Assisi day 3”

  1. Lovely To Read all your posts and search for your smiley face in the pics. Have a great time everyone ! A presto JF , mamma

  2. Lovely to see you all so happy and having fun, hope the weather stays fab. CC we’re missing you lots but mum and your little brother love you!

  3. Hi O,
    I’m loving reading what your all doing everyday. It looks FABULOUS ?? Looks like such fun. Missing you lots and lots, everyone has been asking if your having lots of fun … Have a blast see you Friday

    Lots of love Mummy and Bella the Cat ?

  4. Hi JF!!
    I miss you soooo much! It feels so strange being at home without you. It really is (actually) strange being without you! I hope everything is cool at Assisi. I hope you are enjoying yourself in that wonderful country Italy! Daddy and Mamma are also missing you!
    Love from,
    Your sister C

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