Birthday Celebrations!

Today was my Birthday!

This evening, we had a lot of fun by celebrating. They switched off the lights and brought in a cake while singing “Happy Birthday!” Then we sang it again in Italian!

Thanks Mum for organising this with Father Ivano!











Fun and Games in The Park!

This afternoon we have been in the park playing rounders and frisbee having so much fun and we are all looking forward to a nice pizza soon.

Playing rounders was really fun but also tiring at the same time! We were split into 2 teams, and took turns fielding and batting. Whilst we were batting under the scorching sun, the fielders attempted to catch the foam ball. Luckily, we all achieved a full rounder!

By MC, ED & KM

Accommodation  in Assisi

We have really nice  rooms here. Some of them are quite small but they are extremely comfortable and cosy. Most of us have got a good nights sleep. The people who picked who was sharing with who definitely knew what they were doing!

We had breakfast in the guest house but we had lunch in the hotel and the food was delicious! We had about 3 courses for dinner and lunch and we had pasta, soup, meatballs, chicken, and some fruit and cake. There was also five big floors with about 10 rooms in each one.


Wednesday Afternoon 

This Afternoon we went to a basilica and we saw a big statue. I took a photo of the big church today called Santa Marie Degli Angeli. In this church there were a lot of frescos and even a mini church called Porziuncolo which was the church were Francis died.


Assisi day 3

Today was a very interesting day, we woke up and got dressed into our grey shirts, we had an amazing breakfast with jam on bread, hot chocolate and cereal.

After half an hour we set off for St Francis basilica. We had a mass there celebrated by father Ivano. After that we had a tour guide called brother Martin and we saw the tomb of St Francis, it was intriguing!! It was the very first time that I had seen St Francis’ story told by looking at frescos (a painting painted on a rock to tell a story).

Now we are in a park and are eating a salami sandwich and a cheese sandwich for lunch. It has been incredibly hot and sunny for the past three days!


Day 2!

Yesterday we went to San Damiano and met a Franciscan friar. After lunch we saw St Clare’s Church and saw her tomb, which was magical. We had a tour guide called Marcella who told us all the facts. I can’t wait for the water park on Thursday.?.


The Day we went to The Basilica of Saint  Francis

  • We set of at 8:30 to go to the Basilica.
  • Firstly we went to the crypt where St Francis is buried where we prayed in silence to St Francis .
  • Then we had mass with Father Ivano being our priest, who is a very good priest I need to say, with all of the groups in one, listening to the Bible and singing the songs we were given on a sheet.
  • After mass we had a lovely and enjoyable tour by Father Martin who had a very good sense of humour and a strong American accent and who was also a very kind person.
  • It was very interesting and I learnt many different facts that I neaver thought were true!

And that was my day on Wednesday!


Great time

We had an amazing tour both in town and out of town. This included the church of Saint Claire and it’s famous rose window.

We then went shopping for a while followed by a delicious ice cream – cioccolato, fragola e limone and much more!

The forecast said it would rain but so far the weather has been amazing. Clear blue skies every day up to now. Most of us are excited for the water park tomorrow!

MP and GC

St Francis’ Basilica

Today (after breakfast) we went to St Francis’ Basilica, we had a tour guide who showed us the meanings of all of the frescos. All of the frescos told stories in the life of St Francis, there was one fresco of Heaven and Hell, on the Heaven side there where all of the Saints but on the Hell side there were skeletons and demons being tortured and there were men growing horns and claws.

When we went downstairs we saw St Francis’ tomb surrounded by the tombs of his first followers. After we went back upstairs and went to a place with artifacts from St Francis’ time. There was a pair of shoes (the tour guide- brother Martin -said they where Nike’s), a robe, some scrolls, a set of rules St Francis wrote for the Franciscans and an ivory horn St Francis had.

We then went outside to a garden with some hedges sheared into the shape of the word PAX which means peace in Latin and there was a hedge the shape of the Tau cross dyed red. We took some photos there and we departed to have lunch in the hotel garden. That’s all so far.