The Church of St Clare

Today we went to St. Clare’s church. We were in the area at around 4pm. We went inside and we went to a chapel where we saw the original crucifix that spoke to St Francis.

Afterwards we went to see the tomb of St. Clare and we also saw the relics – the actual clothes worn by St Francis when he was a monk.



Mass in Damiano

This morning at 10:00AM we attended mass led by Father Ivano in a private chapel within the monastery. This was a privilege as most visitors cannot enter.

Before the mass, Brother Eunan told us about the amazing lives of Saint Francis and Saint Clare.


Assisi Day 2 – Historical Visits and Ball Games

Today we celebrated Mass in San Damiano.

Then some of us went up to the fort where we played games. I particularly enjoyed this although I did hit the ball playing rounders then fell flat on my face…

Later we looked around the town of Assisi.  As part of the day we went and experienced a tour led by  Marcella. We looked at the tomb in which St Clare was buried. We also saw the crucifix that spoke to St Francis! When we looked at St Clare’s tomb we saw the place that her body is kept.

It was a great day and I learnt much more about the history and lives of both St Clare and St Francis.


First Day

Yesterday we made our way to Assisi by plane. We had a very smooth and comfortable ride coming, which made waiting in line to board the plane for so long all  worthwhile.

When we arrived at the guesthouse the hotel keepers were all very welcoming and the rooms were so lovely. We all had a very enjoyable first day out.


Walking back from San. Damiano

We took this photo on our walk back up the hill from San Damiano.

Taken by RH!

St. Francis facts

Francis was born in Assisi. He grew up inspired to be a knight but changed his mind after seeing a child in a dream who told him to serve the master and not the servant. Following this he took a vow of poverty and service.

Written by XC

Facts about St. Claire

St. Claire  was a noble woman from a wealthy French family. From the age of 18 she wanted to join the Franciscan order. She was rejected because she was a woman. Claire sent a letter to the Pope asking for poverty. The Pope said this was the first time someone asked for nothing. The Pope sent Claire a letter granting her permission to live in poverty by forming her own order. RH

Mrs. T’s group with Giorgio our guide

Fantastic Food in Italy

The food is amazing! On Monday for lunch we had pasta with cheese, Italian food is absolutely delicious. Don’t get me started on the ice cream! I never knew Italian ice cream would be so tasty. I’m already wishing that Mrs Powell would get us more… DN