Assisi Day One!

This morning, we flew to the fascinating town of Assisi: we had to wake up at 3:45am which was  horrendous! However, in the end, it was definitely worth it; the scorching weather (which I have missed incredibly badly!), the ice-cream and the beautiful, collosal churches!

The meals so far have felt like the food would never end! The order of the food was quite strange; there was pasta first, then chopped beef with courgettes and finally a green salad. Whereas in England, you would normally have a salad as your starter, pasta as your main course and you wouldn’t even have the chopped beef with courgette… MC & MP


Assisi Here We Come!

We set off to Assisi at 4am ready to venture to the wonderful city.

We discovered how historic Assisi is by climbing up the mountain to the fort where we played some games at the top and had lots of fun. We had to hurry back because a storm was brewing!

Some children decided not to come and to play games at the hotel instead.

Our tour guide Giorgio explained to us that Assisi means that it is situated at the side of the mountain and that Assisi comes from the Latin word Asisium.

To be continued…


Our First Day in Assisi…

We arrived exhausted but excited at our school gate at four in the morning most of our group looked like tired zombies.

We took a colossal coach to Stanstead airport and as we came to the end of our journey, a beautiful, amber sunrise rose up in front of us.

The best part of today was the view of Assisi from its highest point!


The Outstanding Views!

We explored and ventured up the steep rocky hills to the fantastic castle where we played games.

We peered around the busy rocky streets and saw the ancient St. Claire’s basilica.

Our groups were all lead by our fantastic tour guide, Giorgio. He said that Assisi comes from a word in Latin called Asisium meaning situated on the side of the mountain. In fact Assisi is full of rocky hills which provide lots of delicious food.

This was an amazing first day and I can’t wait till the next adventure!


Assisi trip day one…

Today we set off for our Assisi trip. We got on the coach at 4:00 am. It wasn’t that bad because we were so excited.

When we arrived we had lunch and went to our rooms to unpack. After this we went into town to look at some souvenirs. We also got given some gelato (ice cream).

The best part was when we went up the Rocca Maggiore. It was magnificent, I loved it, the view was amazing. I already know I’m going to love it here!


The journey to Assisi

Our long journey took about 6 hours from the school gates, to the hotel in Assisi. This may seem like a long time but from the second we got off the plane into scorching heat, we knew it was  going to be worth it!

Highlights for me and my group have included: the never ending meal times (pasta and meat and vegetables and bread and fruit and salad…), climbing the steep slopes of the town and seeing the beautiful views,  playing rounders outside a castle at the top of a hill, and a delicious ice cream! As you can tell, we all found this day to be amazing!


Assisi Day Uno

Today, Monday 6th June 2016 we reached the end of day one. It feels like ages since we got here.

We went to Rocca Maggiorre and some of us played rounders whilst others played frisbee with Mr Horton. Overall we all had a fun time and it’s only day one!



Assisi day 1

On the 6th of June year six left to go to Assisi.

The journey was very fun on the plane we played Topp Trumps, Uno and gave Mr. Ross lots of our snacks!

When we got to Assisi, a man named Giorgio took us round the town. Until we split up to buy our items.

Then we went up a very steep hill up to a big fort were we played frisbee and rounders.

We came back down and had our supper which was pasta with soup, then potato and meatballs, then salad, then fruit! When was the food going to end!?

As people were dozing off the teachers took us of to bed.