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Amazing Assisi Day Three!

Today we woke up to the sound of Mr Ross opening the doors. Almost everyone on our floor was woken up a few minutes late (Mr. Ross let us sleep as long as he could!), so we had to rush getting changed. Like yesterday, we had a buffet , and when we finished, we went to the Basilica of St. Francis.

We had a mass there, and then went on a tour around the basilica. We learnt the difference between Monks and Friers, the tour guide told us that monks stay in their Monastery, and that Friers go out to preach the gospel.
When it was lunch time, we had to wait in our groups to go and collect our packed lunch. Like yesterday, we ate it in the garden above the dining hall. I think that since we came to Assisi, we have been getting very fit going up and down all those hills😀!  We all can not wait to go to the water park tomorrow, not just because of the slides and the water, but we also might get extra ice cream!!
LM and LB

Day 2 in Assisi!

Yesterday, we went to the airport at Stanstead and flew to Perugia in Italy. Then we went to Assisi by coach which wasn’t that long.

Finally we arrived at the parking lot for coaches and then walked to the hotel’s dining room to have lunch which was pasta with meat and tomato sauce for our starter. For the main course we had pork with mashed potato with fruit for our desert.

Afterwards, we went to our hotel rooms and found out our new room numbers, our room number is 160.

The next day we woke up at 7:05. We got dressed and had breakfast.   The food, which was popular was hot chocolate and croissant.

After that we headed to San Damiano where we had a tour of it an had mass. After that we had an outdoor lunch.

We are hoping to continue having enjoyable experiences throughout the rest of the week.

Written by PD and SR


Message From Giorgio!

Ragazzi e ragazze molto bravi e ben educati. E’un piacere essere il loro tour manager. Giorgio.

The boys and girls are very well behaved. It’s a pleasure being their tour manager. Giorgie Porgie.


The Morning Blog – LD AM

Morning blog L.D and A.M

Although the beds weren’t the comfiest, we slept well. We went to bed about 10 to 9 but didn’t sleep straight away. On Monday we had a slightly hectic but fun day. When we got to Assisi (after lunch) we had a lot of fun walking and browsing in the shops and in the main square of Assisi.

Shaming and Naming.

Today’s Shame and Name is Miss Davis, and this is because she said that we should never open our Shutters (for safety reasons!) whatever the circumstances, yet this morning we found her shutter open! A scandal!


Overview of Morning.

This morning we went to the church that St.Francis rebuilt. It was really fun and educational. We even met a proper Franciscan! His name was Eunen McMullen. We had a mass with Father Richard and will have another one tomorrow. We had to stay in silence for the whole time we were in the church! And we managed it!

This was by A.M and L.D.


See you tommorow