13 thoughts on “Day 4 Montage”

  1. Hi RI and friends.
    Hope you all had a lovely time at the water park today, I bet you’ll all sleep well tonight.
    How lovely to be travelling to Rome tomorrow, another experience to take home with you.
    Looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about it xxx love from she she xx

  2. What an amazing time you have all had! One to truly remember and a great way to end your time at primary school.
    TH I cannot wait for you to come home, the house is just way too quiet and boring without my incessant chatter! Looking forward to having all my family back together tomorrow night.
    love mum xxx

  3. A huge thank you to Mr R and the other staff for this fabulous montage!

    What a fantastic day out! GRS – I look forward to hearing who won the race – you or GD! Hope you’re not too sunburnt 😉

    Enjoy Rome and we’ll see you tomorrow night!


  4. Looking at all these amazing pictures I can see you are all having soooooooo much fun.

    Enjoy your last day to the max. See you tomorrow.

    The Towo’s

  5. You are very lucky children’s ! Not everybody has the opportunity to do something as fantastic as this!
    Everything looks great and all of you look very happy! I’m sure this is an experience that will be treasured for ever.
    Can’t way to see you Nena! Nothing is the same without you! Lots of love. ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Thank you so much for giving the children such a beautiful day – and for all the lovely memories with their friends this week that they can treasure forever. RI! Looking forward to our catch-up when you get home. Love too to NO, EG and all in Year 6. Xxxx

  7. Wow looks like you guys had the best time ever… Lots of happy faces..!!! Definitely created some fantastic memories to cherish always… I can’t wait Miss B for you to come home for lots of catch up and cuddles… Hope your last day in Roma rounds off your Italiano adventure on a high..!!! Love you to the moon and back Mamma xxx Sorry so late posting just in from my late shift x

  8. The pictures from the water park tell us the whole story! What a wonderful day!Enjoy your last day .Rome will be lovely.
    A big thank you to everyone who made this trip to Assisi so special for our children especially Giorgio (tour manager), Fr RIchard, Miss Davis, Mr Ross and all the other teachers on the trip.
    Safe travel to-day. We can’t wait to see you all to-night.!!!!

  9. “Water” fantastic place. Bet you had a “splashing” time…. Hey, don’t knock it, it took me a day and a half to “pool” this post together. Have a marvellous day in Rome – hope it’s not as hot as last year.
    Baci, Dad.

  10. Safe journey home, We light a candle for you all today to see you home.

    See you soon

    The Towo’s

  11. Wow! What a fantastic day out! It looks like so much fun, lucky you! We can’t wait to see you SF and hear all about your week. Enjoy your last day in Rome building memories with your friends. Safe trip home everyone! Xxx

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