Trip to St Francis basilica

Today we went to St francis of Assisi’s basilica and we had a long trip around it.
While the friar was talking, he gave us ear plugs and we could hear him talk in his microphone through our ear plugs.
It was interesting walking around the basilica it was like three churches stacked on top of each other. We all had great fun and can’t wait to go to the water park tomorrow!
SMS and BF

2 thoughts on “Trip to St Francis basilica”

  1. Hi SMS
    so happy your having fun and seeing new things.. Hope water Park is fun but be careful & look out for the deep end at the pools! Love you & miss you. Daddy ❤️❤️

  2. Hello Scout, hope you’re having fun and that you’re not getting bugged by bugs or mozzies. You know I once thought of being a monk but I could never get into the habit. Probably heard it already eh!
    Love, Dad

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