Fan Dabbydosey San Damiano!😀😜😝

Yesterday, our second day in Assisi, we started our morning like any other morning: with breakfast. 😋

After the pretty legendary breakfast😝, we travelled by foot, just like Saint Francis would’ve done back in the day (i.e. 800 years ago), to the San Damiano church which was Fan Dabbydosey, get it😂? After an excellent expert’s (Brother McMullen a Fransican Monk) recount of the life of Saint Francis and Saint Clare, we received a tour around the monastery.

When we returned to the town square we may have opened our wallet a tiny bit and spent some, no all of our money, no offence but you’ve missed out if you’ve never eaten Italian.

So, after starting a minor (major) 😜shortage of gelato, we made our way back to the centre of the square and met up with our lovely guides Marcella and Giorgio to have a tour of the picturesque 📷🎥 Assisi!

Once we had finished our exploration, we ventured into a cafe for a cheeky refreshment🙀.
Ciao for now from the Assisi survivors 2015!😀😎😜😝😛😆😎☺️😄😃😀😅😺😋😈💋👍🏼👌🏼

EN and MS









2 thoughts on “Fan Dabbydosey San Damiano!😀😜😝”

  1. Strangely, it didn’t take me long to guess at least one of the writers of this blog (that means you MS!).

    Sounds like a brilliant day. Love the photos.

    We are all fed up of the peace and quiet now and can’t wait for you to get home.

    Hope the water park is awesome and you all have a fantastic time.


  2. Glad to see you all enjoying yourselves and the ice cream so much.
    Love to EN, from Mum, Dad, R & C
    I want ice cream and a water park from C
    I hope you have a great time at the water park . Do you like the ice cream and food?love from R

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