Amazing Assisi Day Three!

Today we woke up to the sound of Mr Ross opening the doors. Almost everyone on our floor was woken up a few minutes late (Mr. Ross let us sleep as long as he could!), so we had to rush getting changed. Like yesterday, we had a buffet , and when we finished, we went to the Basilica of St. Francis.

We had a mass there, and then went on a tour around the basilica. We learnt the difference between Monks and Friers, the tour guide told us that monks stay in their Monastery, and that Friers go out to preach the gospel.
When it was lunch time, we had to wait in our groups to go and collect our packed lunch. Like yesterday, we ate it in the garden above the dining hall. I think that since we came to Assisi, we have been getting very fit going up and down all those hills😀!  We all can not wait to go to the water park tomorrow, not just because of the slides and the water, but we also might get extra ice cream!!
LM and LB

12 thoughts on “Amazing Assisi Day Three!”

  1. Hi MR,

    Sounds like you’re all having quite an Italian adventure with lots of churches and gelato! Enjoy the water park tomorrow.

    We miss you,

    Mum, Dad & HR x

  2. Hi Bumble, it’s dad, just got back and catching up with your trip. So pleased that everyone is having an amazing time. Miss you, and have a great day at the waterpark tomorrow. P.S don’t forget sun lotion, love Mum, Dad, Fin, Dex and Doris xxx

  3. Hi CC
    Looks like ye are having a wonderful time. Ice cream looks great.
    Miss you lots, enjoy the park tomorrow. Grandad sends his love.
    Miss you lots
    Love Irene

  4. Hi CC, looks like you are having a great time. Enjoy the aqua park tomorrow. Grandad sends his love. We miss you.

    Irene x

  5. Hey baby girl (CC) i hope your having an amazing time. missing u sooooooooo much! be good! enjoy the water park.

    love mummy

  6. Hey CC

    We hope you have lots of Fun at the waterpark with everyone! We can only imagine how excited you are right now,
    We miss you lots
    Love Dad & Stacey xxx

  7. Hi P
    Wow, I can see from the shots what amazing things you doing, and the education you are getting from this

    Have fun at the water park
    Miss you but very happy your having a good time….

    Lots of Love

  8. Hello Miss B…!!! Really missing you but can see from all the post and pics your having a wail of a time.. Churches and ice cream seems to be the order of the day and of course wonderful Italian food and lots of sun and fun..!! Beats a school day any day..!! Hope you and all your buddy’s have the best time ever at the water park tomorrow… Don’t forget your sun protection.. Have fun fun and more fun… Love ya loads Mamma Daddy Liam and Abbi do do’s xxx

  9. Good Morning Year 6.
    News from London, we are having breakfast and getting ready to go to school. It is raining and we are not having any ice cream. So we are very happy to hear you are having such a wonderful time in Italy. We can’t wait to see today’s pictures and your smiley faces.
    We miss you Mum, Dad, Camille, Clemence and Alexandre 🙂 xxx

  10. Hi CC
    Hope you had a wonderful day at the water park. Say a prayer for me at the Vatican tomorrow. Miss you lots. Love from Irene, Jackie, Justin, Jana. XXXXXXXX

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