7 thoughts on “Day 2 Montage!”

  1. Looks amazing! Will watch out for your cheeky smile tomorrow xx Mum (TG admitted to missing you a little bit today !)

  2. Day 2 looks like you’re having a fantastic time, the scenery looks amazing. MA Jamie Makie signed a 2 year deal at QPR. enjoy the rest of yor holiday love Dad, Mum & big Sis xxxx

  3. Wow! This montage is great. It really gives a sense of what you’ve been up to today – thank you. GS – your little sister was missing you greatly last night at bed time. Of course, we all miss you but we can see that you’re having such a great experience. You girls all look gorgeous in your dresses. The scenery in the big group photo is beautiful. x

  4. What great photos. You look like you’re having lots of fun CF and it’s lovely to see so many smiley faces. Enjoy today and let’s hope you manage to squeeze in another gelato. Water park tomorrow! Love from us all darling. Mummy x

  5. FB. I love seeing what you are doing & reading the blogs. More posts please ! Have shown Daddy, Carmel, & the girls. Assisi looks wonderful – we want to be there! Don’t forget the P20. It was Elsie’s birthday yesterday but we’ll “celebrate” it properly when you are back.
    Miss you so much. The house is not the same without you. Love “Muzzy 2”, daddy, H & C & Carmel & Elsie. Xxx

  6. Hi GS! Looks like fantastic fun you guys are all having – and it’s certainly ice cream weather. We imagine you’re having the most amazing time without a small sister (who misses you heaps) and a mummy and daddy to tell you what to do (who are missing you very much too!!).

    Love M, D & E xxx

  7. FB & GS (& CF), Hi guys, this is really a message for GS to let her know that Mummy & Daddy have been posting messages to you but for some reason they’re not getting through. They send lots of love & say they’re loving seeing the blog & pics. More please! Hope you’re all having fun & getting some sleep. Xxx

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