From Fr Richard

I was delighted when Miss McGinty invited me to accompany the Assisi pilgrimage and the reality is living up to expectations. The children are in groups, each led by an adult, but I am an honorary member of all groups, which is lovely especially as they share their treats with me like ice cream. I am equally impressed by the knowledge of the children on the great saints of Assisi, Francis and Clare, and the total dedication of the staff to their welfare!
Looking forward to the rest of the week.





Message From Giorgio!

Ragazzi e ragazze molto bravi e ben educati. E’un piacere essere il loro tour manager.¬†Giorgio.

The boys and girls are very well behaved. It’s a pleasure being their tour manager. Giorgie Porgie.


Santa Chiara

This is the church dedicated to Santa Chiara founder of ‘The Poor Dames of San Damiano.’ The church contains the crucifix which spoke to St.Francis and the tomb of St.Chiara.


So far…

We have arrived safely and we are now on day 2 of our special journey.

First we went on a long trek to the San damiano church. We learnt a lot more than we expected about the bumpy ride of St Francis’ life and St Clair.

The heat was a burning us up like a sausage on a barbecue but we got through it in the end.( it would have been a bit nicer if everything was downhill).

After our long journey we couldn’t ask for more then a nice cold bath, but we were shocked when we found out we had to eat our lunch first!


We can’t wait to see what we’re doing tomorrow.
M.M and G.F

Day 2 of Assisi

Today we went to San Damiano the place that St Francis created after having a vision from God to fix His church. Who knew St Francis stole his fathers horse and goods and sold them to get money to pay the Priest to rebuild? The priest actually refused the money in the end!



On the way back Miss T found an olive tree but no one knew it was an olive tree until we found out it was an olive tree.



Journey to San Damiano

Today we travelled to San Damiano where we learned about the San Franciscan order. We had mass which was led by Father Richard Andrew. It was a long, uphill walk back so we had to stop and sit down, and by the end of it we were all tired and sweaty! Throughout this journey we learnt a lot about St Francis and Saint Claire and their lives. When we got back, the hotel had made sandwiches for us and we sat down outside and ate them. Then we had a run around and played games.
By RI, NO and EG.