Assisi Day 1

It was an early start for us all – a 2:30 am alarm in my case. More like the middle of the night than “early” actually!

Then waving goodbye on the coach from school and one hour twenty to Stanstead. Any idea that the children might be subdued by their early start was quickly proven wrong, as excitement got the better of them (and our hopes of a power nap)!

Check in took longer than we might have expected and then despite negotiating our way into the Fast Track, airport security was also quite eventful!

The expected verifications regarding medication had to take place, but then multiple bags were searched (Actimel in about 10 lunches!); shoes were parted from their owners and random searches held things up further! In the end we had only 30 mins until the plane took off, but we just made it!

The children all enjoyed their first three course meal of the week, then went and settled into their rooms.

Our first visit of Assisi on foot in didn’t fail to impress (the ice cream helped), a particular highlight was the view from Rocca Magiore.

Somehow we squeezed in free time and a few blog posts, then dinner and a hugely deserved bedtime!
Everyone safe and sound and enjoying their stay! Mr. Ross.












Our journey to Assisi

We started off at 3:45 in the morning outside our school. We were then picked up by a coach and taken to Stanstead airport.

After a long wait in security we dashed to our gate and jumped on our plane. We just about made it.

Then over 2 hours later we arrived in Perugia and I said : “Buongiorno Italia!”. We were picked up by our guide, Georgio in a double decker coach.

After 15 minutes we arrived in Assisi and had our (very delicious) lunch!

Later we went to our hotel and looked at our rooms and unpacked. Then we came straight downstairs to have our gelato (yummy!) !

LH and EL



Our Arrival! A.S.

We arrived safely, I hope all the mums and dads had a good rest after dropping us off! I can’t wait to do the activities that we will do this week 😀.

My first impression was that Assisi is an old fashioned city and a very calm place but I think that this is going to be very exciting trip!


The boys have arrived!

It was an early start, and a bit of a bumpy flight at times but we have arrived!
Lunch was delicious. Pasta was amazing.
We have already climbed about a thousand stairs!
MA : love you mum and dad I know you’ll be missing me already.
WR : A lovely day, love you mum and dad.



Chilling out playing cards

We have arrived safely, had an Italian inspired lunch and are now playing cards and games after unpacking and settling into our rooms. We are off to get some gelato in a while. We can’t wait for tomorrow and the next few days to come! 😀

Ciao for now!!!

C.F, F.B, G.S


Arrival in Assisi…

I woke up at 3 to be at school by 4am. What a horrible time in the morning!
It is now 3:50pm and we are still awake. NO siesta!!
We are going to to get a gelato in a minute. We had a 3 course meal for lunch, and it was BIG!!!






Today unlike any Monday morning, I woke up at the unearthly time of 3:15 am!! Once I was at school, we had to wait a few minutes until the coach arrived. After we had said goodbye to our parents, we boarded the coach and started our journey to Assisi…

After a 2 hour journey on the coach (which seemed to a lifetime to me) we finally arrived at Stansted Airport. When we had finished checking our bags in, we started to queue to go through security, while other people surreptitiously went to the loo and snacked on their breakfast.

Since the gate was about to close, we had to rush to the gate.
When had boarded we started breakfast and our games. As usual it was a bumpy landing: we had finally arrived at the picturesque Italy!😀😎😅😉 EN