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The Year 6 Assisi Blog is Now Live!

During the course of the Year 6 Pilgrimage to Assisi, the children will take photographs and post to a blog using the school iPod Touches.

The blog is now live!

We hope you will follow us on our journey to share in some of what we learn and some of the good times that we have together!

Year 6 Assisi Trip

 The children and staff have landed safely and are enjoying lunch in the shade.

The Sayers Croft 2017 Blog is Now Live!

As in previous years, we shall be documenting our adventures on the Year 5 residential trip to Sayers Croft (9-13 January) in our Sayers Croft Blog!
We will be taking photos on our school iPod Touches and including them in short posts outlining the fun we've been having and what we've been learning.

Skiing at Larmenier & Sacred Heart

Skiing at Larmenier & Sacred Heart continues to go from strength to strength!

This year we will have 42 children participating in lessons at a local treadmill based ski centre.

13 children have already started their lessons, many of whom are complete beginners! They have all thoroughly enjoyed their experience and parents report that they are very pleased with the progress their children have made.

Many thanks to Mrs. Thielly for taking the following wonderful photos!