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The Sayers Croft 2020 Blog is now LIVE! Follow Year 5's Adventures!

On Monday, Year 5 are leaving for 5 days of adventure at Sayers Croft!

Please follow our adventures and leave your comments on our Sayers Croft 2020 blog!

The children will sign off their posts with their initials, and will not be referring to each other by name. We ask that you also refer to children using their initials if you do choose to comment.


Update Thursday 16/01/2020, 2.00pm

The Assisi 2019 Blog is now LIVE!

Monday 10th June - 11.30 a.m.
Everyone has arrived safely at the guest house after a good journey. They are just about to enjoy their first lunch together.
Making an all time record-breakingly early start (:-O) on Monday morning, Year 6 will be heading off to Assisi, Italy, to follow in the footsteps of St.