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The Sayers Croft 2020 Blog is now LIVE! Follow Year 5's Adventures!

On Monday, Year 5 are leaving for 5 days of adventure at Sayers Croft!

Please follow our adventures and leave your comments on our Sayers Croft 2020 blog!

The children will sign off their posts with their initials, and will not be referring to each other by name. We ask that you also refer to children using their initials if you do choose to comment.


Update Thursday 16/01/2020, 2.00pm

The children have enjoyed a morning of shelter building and other outdoor activities. This evening they will be undertaking a Night Walk and then enjoying a movie together.


Update Thursday 16/01/2020, 8.30am

The Campfire was enjoyed by all last night and the children slept well. They have just finished breakfast and are getting ready for a full day of activities. They will be going on a Night Walk this evening, weather permitting.


Update Wednesday 15/01/20, 2.55pm

The Year 5 group are currently making their way back from Pitch Hill. They had wonderful views of the surrounding area from the top. They enjoyed a picnic lunch and some fun and games together.   


Update Wednesday 15/01/20, 8.05am

The children had a great time at the disco yesterday evening. They are all looking forward to their hike to Pitch Hill today. This evening they will have a wildlife talk led by Graham Cornick and, weather permitting, will gather around the camp fire.  


Update Tuesday 14/01/20, 3.00pm

This morning's activities were enjoyed by all and the children were raring to undertake this afternoon's planned activities following their lunch. There have been some minor changes to the group's planned timetables due to the wet and windy weather. However, they are all looking forward to their disco this evening!


Update  Tuesday 14/01/20, 7.40am

Yesterday evening's wet and windy weather didn't dampen the children's spirits! They had great fun playing giant games and made their first visit to the tuck shop.

The children had a good night's sleep and are due to eat breakfast shortly. This morning's activities include:

Class 5B - Hazel frame-making/archery/caving, blindfold challenge and the maze

Class 5G - Climbing and ropes challenge

The children will begin to share their news on the Year 5 blog later today. 


Update Monday 13/01/20, 1.25pm

The Year 5 group have arrived safely at Sayers Croft and are all very excited about the week ahead. They were all looking forward to their first lunch time and will be undertaking an orienteering activity this afternoon to help they become familiar with the site.