Racing Round the Ropes 

This morning we did an obstacle course through the trees attached to ropes by a harness. All our favourite obstacle was the Tarzan swing where you had to swing across on a rope and crash into a net. There was a tricky slippy bit which was like rock climbing which was especially hard with our cold hands. We have to go because it’s giant games time! See you tomorrow FN, JD and GDV

Hit the Target!

Sayers Croft has been the best experience of my life! I’ve loved everything especially the archery. It is really sad that we have to leave. But we have had a really good time and I have lots of happy memories! AE

Blind Fold Maze

Today was very fun, me and JA were both blind folded and had to make our way through a maze of obstacles. Our partners had to give us instructions to explain where to move but it was still difficult (so we helped guide them sometimes!). Some of us had a few trips!


Super Trip to Sayers Croft

It’s so fun here in Sayers Croft,there have been many exciting activities and the food there is delicious ?.

Some of my favourite activities were the ropes, abseiling, climbing and archery – I even got a bullseye!

Many of the games involved teamwork, creativity, skill and fun. The bunkbeds are comfy and the dorms are very cosy, I’m looking forward to achieving more activities before we leave, though I really don’t want to leave!


Team Challenges 5B

First of all we got into groups of four then we went to our challenges. We had to flip over a magic carpet with 4 people on it. DM and DOH

My favourite challenge was when you had to hold as many balls as possible without dropping them.It was very tricky because you had to carry all 44 balls and if you drop them you start again. AB and PT

Maze and Blindfold!

Today is our last full day at Sayers Croft and one of the activities we did was maze and blindfold. I partnered with AB and she went first blindfolded. I kept on forgetting she was blindfolded so I left her behind by accident! When it was my turn I kept on falling. After we did the blindfold we did the maze and it was surprisingly easy.