On Wednesday night, we had an enormous campfire with 5B and we roasted marshmallows on sticks. They were amazingly delicious roasted on the fire expertly made by the teachers!

Great challenges

Today we went to a big room and we did lots of challenging games. One of them as you can see in the first photo was standing on a wooden plank and getting into age order without speaking.

The other game was getting all the mugs into one person’s arms. All the games we played were fun and we all had a really good time.



Team Challenges

Team Challenges was a lot of fun. We played different kinds of games like ‘Farmer challenge’ and the ‘Perfect match’.

In one of the games we had to get into height order without falling of the plank. We timed our challenge and did it in 9.97 seconds!


EM Abseiling

Today we went Abseiling and it was really fun but it was tough ???.

At the top it was really scary. My legs were literally shaking! I could see miles.

At the end at the bottom I was relieved!