A Fantastic Week

We’re having a fantastic week in Sayers Croft.

My favourite activity was archery. I learned how to use a bow and shoot an arrow. I managed to hit blue!

Abseiling was a bit scary to start with at the top because it was so high and you have to sit back over the side of the wall!

I would say that Sayers Croft is a wonderful place.


Last Full Day at Sayers Croft!??

So today we went Abseiling and we had to walk down the wall. After that we went to Archery and we played a game. Mr Ross got the middle target!

Then we made hazel frames. We had to get a leaf and some sticks and some tissue paper. They look like natural stained glass windows.

Later  we will be having a really well earned disco!


Archers at the Ready!

Today we all split into our 3 groups to do archery, abseiling and free time, and after 2 we do hazel frames.

Anyway, first, my group did archery which is so fun! We learnt how to do proper archery. We did some normal archery first but then we did a couple of games. There were 2 huge targets at the end of the room. We stood at the other end and shot our bows.


Animal Show

Yesterday we went to see some amazing animals.

The man who brought them had a pigeon, a barn owl ,rats and many others.

The pigeon flew around and nobody could get it down! He also did some pranks like when he said he had a biting animal and dropped it on the floor but it turned out to be a toy!


Maze, Blindfold Maze, Ropes and Rock climbing??

Today we went in a maze, then we put a blindfold on and held a rope stepped over steps and went through tunnels while our partner guided us through.

Then we did shelter building and ‘go ape’ climbing with a Tarzan swing into a net.

Later we did rock climbing and I conquered it in 31 seconds !!! Then we went to the tuck shop I bought sweets a postcard a compass and a torch. In the night we had a campfire.

We are having a great time






Natural Art, Abseiling and Archery and a Camp Fire!

Yesterday we went to do natural art, abseiling and archery and later in the day we went to a camp fire!

Natural art was great fun, every one would be in partners or in small groups and we made sculptures, patterns and pictures using leaves, twigs and other thing you would find in a muddy Forest!

We all had a go at archery and it was great fun. First we had some practise and we then had a competition and played some games !

We also abseiled from a tall tower and had great fun. At the end of the day we all sat round a camp fire and had roasted marshmallows and sang some camp fire songs!?