Tanti Auguri a …

AB! …

… Tanti Auguri a FA! …

… And tanti auguri a CS who we were all thinking of (thank you for your messages and to all the other Year 6 children who posted messages from the UK!)

A bumper evening of birthdays!

Water Park!

Today we were all really excited to go to the water park! When we got there everybody changed really quickly and rushed to the slides (after putting on layers of sun cream).

After two hours of fun we stopped for a lunch break. We sat in the shade for a short time. After putting on EVEN MORE sun cream we were back in the water!

FB and I were on a boat slide. We both fell off and slid down in the water ahead of the boat!

This was a great day! ?


Back from the Aqua Park!

We are getting back from a long fun day at the amazing water park.

When we got down from the bus in the morning, we had no idea this water park was going to be filled with slides of all kinds and how much fun was awaiting us.

As everyone was very eager to get into the water, we got changed and put on tons of sun cream. We were keen to get into the pool and hit the slides. At one point, a few teachers joined in!

After a few hours we sat under a shady spot and had lunch and an ice lolly for a treat. Afterwards when we had all finished putting more sun cream on, everyone swam in the pool again. It was incredible and a very refreshing treat especially on this hot day.

DD and CSV

Tired but happy!