Impariamo L’Italiano!

Vorrei un cono con una pallina di cioccolato per favore – I would like a cone with one scoop of chocolate please. TF

Vorrei una granita al limone per favore – I would like a lemon slushy please. FW

Quanto costa…? – How much does… cost? FW

Quello – That one TF

Questo – This one TF

Grazie – Thank you TF

Buon apetito! – Enjoy your meal! FW

Buon giorno – Good day TF FW

Ciao – hi/bye TF

Andiamo! – let’s go! CM

Dov’e andiamo? – Where are we going? FOS

Trovate il vostro capogruppo! – Find your group leader! Year 6

Tutti i miei compagni hanno studiato tantissimo per questo mommento, per questi gelati! Io sinceramente sono rimasta a bocca aperta da come hanno preso in mano la situazione e da come hanno imparato L’Italiano cosi velocemente. Questi viaggio e stato il migliore e credo che tutti si sono appassionati al’Italiano e L’Italia. MS

Fun and Games at Santa Maria degli Angeli

We had a very fun time at the Santa Maria degli Angeli as our tour guide was extremely pleasant.

We visited the place where St. Francis passed away and the little church he built with the Franciscans, the Porziuncola.


We had some time to play a few games. Fr Ivano taught us a game from his childhood which was really fun. Some of us played frisbee, hide and seek and Cricket.


Our trip to the Basilica

In the Basilica  there were 28 frescoes of st. Francis.

One of them of them is about when a man fell down from a high building and died but st. Francis brought him back to life, just like he brought the boy back to life when a house fell on him.

In the Basilica we saw two floors which are both counted as separate churches and also the crypt.

The portraits of St Francis and Jesus Christ were similar as Francis wanted to follow the example of Jesus.

One of the frescoes showed how Christ married St. Francis to Lady  poverty. Another frescoe shows the vow of obedience. The word obedience comes from the word meaning listen.

If we wish to be obedient to God it means we must listen to the word of God and follow it.


The Frescoes

The Frescoes show two well known miracles such as when St. Francis healed a boy when a tower fell on the boy and also a man was dead and he bought him back to life. He died because he fell off a tower.

Inside the Basilica the are paintings called frescos they were originally painted by Giotto.

There aren’t many frescoes on the ceiling because there was an earthquake which knocked down some of the ceiling. It killed a group of tv camera people (four of them).


The Message in the Basilica 

Father Ivano was very moved about being in such a special place in front of the tomb of St Francis and so were we all.

He pointed out how the huge pillar in the crypt supported the whole of the church and inside that pillar was St Francis’ body.

Around the pillar were four grates which hold the tombs of four of St Francis’ friends – Angelo, Masseo, Leone and Rufus.

Father Ivano talked about how you don’t need riches, fancy clothes or handsomeness to be popular. People were attracted to St Francis because of his faith and also because he resembled Jesus in so many ways.

5000 followers of St. Francis lived in the city below after about a couple of years even without television or social media!


Quiz Questions!

•How many people come to the Basilica of St Francis each year?

•Who painted the Frescoes?

•In what year was the first church completed and the second church completed?

•When did they start to paint the Frescoes?

•Why were the no Frescoes on the ceiling?

•In which year did Assisi suffer from an Earthquake?

•How many Frescoes are there?


No  peeking !

  1. 6 million
  2. Giotto
  3. First church:1230 Second: 1260
  4. 1239
  5. Because there was an earthquake.
  6. In 1997
  7. There are 28.